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About Me

Yin Zhang ( 张 寅 )

Rather than confining herself in the role of a designer, 

Yin Zhang identifies as a multi-disciplinary artist employing fibre material and structures as her medium. 

Through her work, Yin often attempts to reflect, breakdown, and visualize abstract, non-tangible concepts such as spirituality, ritualistic behaviours, and the ephemeral human-nature experience. 

Via each of her art pieces, she proposes personal questions of discussion and shares with audiences her process of self-discovering. During her leisure time, Yin enjoys traveling and conducting field research, immerse herself in with makers, artisans, craft-people she meets.



Parsons School of Design,

The New School

2019 Spring

Concurrentes Global Artisan Project in Peru 

Fashion Design 

Gap Year from 2020-2021

  •  Visit Ccaccaccollo Community in Cusco, Peru 

  •  Have a thorough understanding of the artisan community in the Cusco area 

  • Develop new products by using the local textiles and techniques such as knitting, weaving, spinning, and natural dye 

  • Learn the importance of the communication strategy 

  • Build an online platform for the community in order to communicate with the US market


2021 Summer

Temporary Park | Shanghai

Collective Weaving Workshop 

Temporary Park is a community space for migrant youths and young artists in Shanghai, China.

2020 Spring

Sage Collective | New York

Marketing Intern 

  • Social media content creation 

  • Visual Merchandising 

  • Design internal brochure for employee training 

  • Design 

2019 Fall

Remake | New York

 Remake Ambassador 

  • Organize sustainable fashion movements events

2018 Fall

Jerard Studio | New York

  •  Assist the production of the set and props for musicals including Hamilton and the Cher Show

  • Discover how materials and their uses shape meaning and how are the ergonomics, structure, and self-image correspond to the shape, movement, and impact of the human form in a practical way





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